Our Little Bookshelf - Used Book + Curriculum Sale

Ok Ladies…  I am cleaning off our shelves this summer and sharing the goodies with you!!  We have been doing this “homeschool thing” for 10+ years now, and it is time for a good purge of our shelves.

I really wish that I could invite each of you over to browse our shelves or perhaps even drop by for a good ‘ole fashioned garage sale but that is not possible so here is the next best thing.

I plan to post 1-2 items daily so be sure to check back and you can even follow over on Instagram + sign up to get notifications so you do not miss the daily deals. 


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And Do Not Miss The Freebies!!

Thanks for dropping by and please share this new page with your friends.  I would love to see these books + homeschool goodies find a new home.

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