Plan With Me…

Happy 1st Day of Summer, Friends!!

It’s that time of year when I start to plan + prep our upcoming school year. 

And guess what…  This year I am taking you all along with me.  So let’s dive in and get started!!

Intro to Series

This first video is all about gathering questions from you. 

Be sure to leave me a comment letting me know what you areas you struggle with or want to see me cover in this series.

Part 1 – Laying the Foundation for your New Year

This video is the official “kick off” for my summer planning series.  This beginning step is all about about laying a firm foundation as you go about prepping for the upcoming school year.  Don’t skip over this step – it is an important  one!!

Part 2 – The Big Picture

Ok so let’s start knocking this thing out.  In this step, I am tackling the big overall picture of our homeschool year - how to fit in all our required days and still have that precious flexible family time.  This step is so important to my sanity each year because I get to see the “big picture” of how we will spread out our school days over the next 12 months.

Grab your Year At A Glance FREE printable here…

Part 3 – Putting the HOME in Homeschool

This next step is another important one in my planning process because it allows me to lay out a “typical week” to really see where we are spending our time and how many outside activities + commitments we have scheduled for the upcoming school year.  We could definitely fill up our time with “all good things” and never actually make time to sit down consistently and work on school lessons  There really does come a point where we actually need to BE HOME to HOMEschool.

Grab the Weekly Plan Sheet FREE printable that I shared in this video…

Part 3½ – Sharing Our Weekly Plan

This next part comes because I had several of you ask to see a copy of our Weekly Plan Sheet all filled out so your wish is my command. I am going to share not only how, but why I fill out this form.  You will also get a little peek into our upcoming semester + our daily routine.

So sit back and let’s chat about the “plan” for our upcoming semester…

Please note that times are really just benchmarks for us.  I am not one to watch the clock or rush the children just so we can move on to the “next thing”.  But I have found over the years that having benchmarks + goals throughout our day really helps me to be more productive.

Part 4 – Learning TOGETHER

Next up comes the fun part in this whole process for me -  picking + choosing curriculum.  I usually prefer to plan our Family Studies (all those subjects that we study together as a group) first, so let’s dive in while I share my thought process and how I tackle this part of the planning…

Edited:  I mentioned in my video about how family studies are “the perfect solution for families with children 6th grade and under”.  I want to clarify that I should have said 8th grade and under.  My point was past 8th grade it is still very feasible to include high school in your together feast of studies.  In fact…  I highly recommend that you do not stop simply because they have reached the junior high or high school ages.  This is definitely our plan for the upcoming school year. 

Grab the Family Studies Curriculum Planning and the Family Studies Unit Planning printables that I mentioned in this video here…


Part 5 – Planning For Their Needs

I am now to the stage in my planning where I am ready to tackle my kiddos individual studies.  These are the subjects they do at their own level, and at their own pace.  This step will look similar to the previous one for our family studies – but I really love this part of my process because I am able to custom fit the curriculum to each of my children’s needs. 

So let’s chat about how I go about planning individual studies for my children…

You can find the different levels of printables here – Elementary + Junior High + High School.

Part 6 – Staying On Track Each Week

This next part of my planning process involves making weekly checklists for my kiddos.  Once I finally stumbled upon this method of keeping track of our days, it made a huge difference in our productivity each week.  These checklists can serve as either lesson plans or records of what you actually accomplish during a given school day.  Confused, yet?  Don’t worry…  This step is simple + easy too.

Let’s dive in and let me explain…

You can grab your own copy of the Family Studies or Individual Student checklists here…

Interested in a more personalized option?

I am super excited to offer a personalized weekly checklist for you + your family.  You can find all the details in the video below. 

Order Your Personalized Checklist Here

Part 7 – A Fresh Start

This next part of my planning + prep process is where I roll up my sleeves and get to work.  Find out what I like to get accomplished before our 1st day of school.

Part 8 – Answering Your Questions

I thought it would be fun to wrap up this Plan with Me series with a fun Q + A.  You guys asked some really great questions so let’s dive in and chat for a bit…

I hope this series has been a blessing to you as you prep + plan your upcoming homeschool year.

If you have tips + tricks on what makes your planning easier, please leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you.


  1. Hi Jamie! Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of information and your heart with us. I love the printable!!

    1. Darcy - Thanks for stopping by to check out my summer planning series. I hope this will be a blessing to you.

  2. Jamie this has been so helpful! I've added another child to my home school and your videos/printables have been a great guide to make sure everyone is hitting the goals and mission of our school. Thank you for all of your help!

    1. Danielle - Thanks for the kind comment. I am so glad you found this mini series this summer helpful. I hope you have a blessed year of learning with your kiddos. :)