How We Teach… Math + A Fun Giveaway!!

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Happy Monday, Friends!!

I am excited to pop in to chat with you guys about how we teach math here at our house.  I will be completely honest that we have had some years where MATH was more like a dirty word around here, rather than simply a school subject – some years it was the kiddos, and some years it was us the parents

I truly feel like there is a delicate balance between finding good, solid academic content + finding materials that you enjoy using + finding courses that are a good fit for your children’s learning style and your teaching style.

We have used so many different math programs in our 12+ years of homeschooling, but I feel like we have finally found our road to success when it comes to math and teaching many different levels of math all at the same time.

Insert…  The sounds of angels singing!!  Ha!! 

Here are more details on the items I mentioned in today’s video…

Lower Elementary Math

  • Simply Charlotte Mason ArithmeticThis one is definitely more teacher led, but I love the approach and all the mental math that is incorporated into this curriculum during the early years.
  • Horizons Math – We have used these workbooks for levels K-2 before moving on to Teaching Textbooks.  I never purchase the teacher supplements.

Elementary and Beyond

For levels beyond grade 2, we made the switch last year and moved everyone over to Teaching Textbooks.  It truly was an answer to this mama’s prayer.  It has been the perfect mix of mastering new material + that important review of concepts already learned.  I also love that the program checks their work so we have more time in our day together.  I was thrilled with my kiddos end of year testing scores last year, and I know that it had a lot to do with our daily, consistent effort + the curriculum we choose for our older children.  We also really like the new 3.0 family plan for so many great reasons…

  • The discounted plan is a great price – With 5 kiddos using the program this year, we are spending $39.82 for each child.  That price can go as low as $24.89 per child if you have the max of 8 children using the program.  I do not know of any good quality math program or workbooks for that price.
  • We are able to use the new updated 3.0 version of the software – latest features that are easy to use
  • No more CDs – love that my kiddos can use any computer or tablet that is free. 

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I also love that as a new user you are able to try out the full version of this program for FREE – no credit card required – for the first 15 lessons.  With their no commitment free trial option, they are making it super easy for you to try out the program to see if it will be a good fit for your family. 

Math Helps To Solidify Math Facts

If you are having math woes at your house (from you or your children), I highly encourage you to give some or all of these suggestions a try.  I am so grateful we found this solution for math at our home.  Math really has become a fun subject again at our house, and something that we look forward to each day.

I am excited to partner up with Teaching Textbooks to offer one homeschool family your very own level of the 3.0 online math curriculum.  This is the same online math program that our family uses daily, and we love it.  The best part is that you get to choose your own level that will be just right for your child. 

So what are you waiting for?  Simply enter the drawing below.  Giveaway ends 08.23.2019

Giveaway Terms and Conditions:  This giveaway begins on Monday, 08.19.2019 at 4:00pm Central and ends on Friday, 08.23.2019 at 9:00pm Central.  The winner will be announced on Monday, 08.26.2019 and will also will be contacted via email.  You must provide your name, mailing address, and choice of which level you prefer.  By entering this giveaway, you are giving me (Jamie – Our Little Schoolhouse) permission to share your contact information with Teaching Textbooks, who will follow up with you regarding giveaway details.

Full Disclosure:  This post is not sponsored, but I did receive these items for free for our family to enjoy. I do not and will not ever work with a company if they do not offer a product or service that is relevant to me or my family. Please know that my opinions are always my own, and I only suggest products or services that we have personally used  in our homeschool journey.

6th Grade Curriculum Picks

I am back with some more individual curriculum picks.  This time around we are going to chat about 6th grade.

All these baby pictures of my spunky little “Baby Lee” are killing me!!

I mean…  Just look at this precious young lady today!!

Let’s jump in and take a peek at Emma Lee’s individual subjects for 6th grade…

Want more details?


Language Arts





Extracurricular Activities

  • Music – Student Choir
  • Drama Club - 1st Semester Only.
  • Ballet – She is so excited to move up to the pre-pointe class this year.
  • Missions – She will meet once a week with our local church.

Please keep in mind that Emma Lee will also be participating in our feast of family subjects throughout the week.

Want to see the rest the rest of our curriculum picks for this current school year?

Well that about wraps things up for 6th grade for Emma Lee.  I think she has a fun year planned, and I cannot wait to see her grow + learn.

    Need Some Help Planning Your New School Year?

7th Grade Curriculum Picks

You guys are going to get tired of me saying this but how in the world is this “Smiley Face” little boy getting ready to start junior high school? 

And here he is taking me out for a yogurt date on Mother’s Day and paying with his own money…

Let’s jump in and take a peek at Nate’s individual subjects for 7th grade…

Want more details?


Language Arts






  • Dad is currently working on the plan.  Will keep you posted.

Extracurricular Activities

  • Music – Student Choir
  • Drama Club - 1st Semester Only.
  • Alert Cadet – A father + son discipleship program.  They work on materials at home, and participate with our local group 1-2 times a month.
  • Missions – He will meet once a week with our local church.

Please keep in mind that Nathan James will also be participating in our feast of family subjects throughout the week.

Want to see the rest the rest of our curriculum picks for this current school year?

Well, I think that’s about it.  I am really excited to see Nate learn so many great things in 7th grade.  This is going to be a fun year for him. 

    Need Some Help Planning Your New School Year?

9th Grade Curriculum Picks

How in the world am I picking out HIGH School courses for this baby boy?  Oh my word…

And now he is so much taller than me…

Caleb Davis has a great freshman planned, and I am excited to see him grow + learn this year so let’s dive in to chat about what we have planned for this upcoming year.

I did not mention this in the video, but keep in mind that he will also be participating in our feast of Family Studies throughout the week.

Looking for more details? 

Here are links to all the items I mentioned in the video…

Bible  (1 credit)

Math  (1 credit)

Language Arts  (1 credit)

History  (1 credit)

Science  (1 credit)

He will take this course with our local homeschool group.  They will meet once a week for discussion + labs. 

Literature  (1 credit)

PE/Exercise (½ credit)

  • Dad is currently working on the plan.  Will keep you posted.


Extracurricular Activities

  • Alert Cadet – A father + son discipleship program.  They work on materials at home, and participate with our local group 1-2 times a month.
  • Missions – He will meet once a week with our local church.

Want to see the rest the rest of our curriculum picks for this current school year?

Well, I think that’s about it.  High school is going to be a whole new ball game for us this year.  I am excited, but also in complete denial that we are already at this chapter in our journey.

Need Some Help Planning Your New School Year?

Curriculum Picks (2019 - 2020 School Year)

Wow…  That is by far the fastest summer of my life.
Who else is in denial that a new school year is starting already?

I am excited to share our curriculum picks with you guys this year so here goes…

{Mom Chat} Summer Life Update

Happy July Friends!!

Whew..  I know I am not alone in saying this but our summer has GOT to slow down.  How is our end of year break almost over?  I am glancing up at my calendar, and it says we have exactly 3 weeks until our new school year starts!!

I mentioned over on Instagram earlier this week about how this past week (and this summer in general) has been a bit rough.  I thought I would sit down for an afternoon chat to share a bit of my heart + a glance at what all has been going on with us this summer.

So grab some lemonade (or that never ending laundry basket) and let’s visit for a bit…

Thanks for dropping by!!

Plan With Me…

Happy 1st Day of Summer, Friends!!

It’s that time of year when I start to plan + prep our upcoming school year. 

And guess what…  This year I am taking you all along with me.  So let’s dive in and get started!!

Intro to Series

This first video is all about gathering questions from you. 

Be sure to leave me a comment letting me know what you areas you struggle with or want to see me cover in this series.

Part 1 – Laying the Foundation for your New Year

This video is the official “kick off” for my summer planning series.  This beginning step is all about about laying a firm foundation as you go about prepping for the upcoming school year.  Don’t skip over this step – it is an important  one!!

Part 2 – The Big Picture

Ok so let’s start knocking this thing out.  In this step, I am tackling the big overall picture of our homeschool year - how to fit in all our required days and still have that precious flexible family time.  This step is so important to my sanity each year because I get to see the “big picture” of how we will spread out our school days over the next 12 months.

Grab your Year At A Glance FREE printable here…

Part 3 – Putting the HOME in Homeschool

This next step is another important one in my planning process because it allows me to lay out a “typical week” to really see where we are spending our time and how many outside activities + commitments we have scheduled for the upcoming school year.  We could definitely fill up our time with “all good things” and never actually make time to sit down consistently and work on school lessons  There really does come a point where we actually need to BE HOME to HOMEschool.

Grab the Weekly Plan Sheet FREE printable that I shared in this video…

Part 3½ – Sharing Our Weekly Plan

This next part comes because I had several of you ask to see a copy of our Weekly Plan Sheet all filled out so your wish is my command. I am going to share not only how, but why I fill out this form.  You will also get a little peek into our upcoming semester + our daily routine.

So sit back and let’s chat about the “plan” for our upcoming semester…

Please note that times are really just benchmarks for us.  I am not one to watch the clock or rush the children just so we can move on to the “next thing”.  But I have found over the years that having benchmarks + goals throughout our day really helps me to be more productive.

Part 4 – Learning TOGETHER

Next up comes the fun part in this whole process for me -  picking + choosing curriculum.  I usually prefer to plan our Family Studies (all those subjects that we study together as a group) first, so let’s dive in while I share my thought process and how I tackle this part of the planning…

Edited:  I mentioned in my video about how family studies are “the perfect solution for families with children 6th grade and under”.  I want to clarify that I should have said 8th grade and under.  My point was past 8th grade it is still very feasible to include high school in your together feast of studies.  In fact…  I highly recommend that you do not stop simply because they have reached the junior high or high school ages.  This is definitely our plan for the upcoming school year. 

Grab the Family Studies Curriculum Planning and the Family Studies Unit Planning printables that I mentioned in this video here…


Part 5 – Planning For Their Needs

I am now to the stage in my planning where I am ready to tackle my kiddos individual studies.  These are the subjects they do at their own level, and at their own pace.  This step will look similar to the previous one for our family studies – but I really love this part of my process because I am able to custom fit the curriculum to each of my children’s needs. 

So let’s chat about how I go about planning individual studies for my children…

You can find the different levels of printables here – Elementary + Junior High + High School.

Part 6 – Staying On Track Each Week

This next part of my planning process involves making weekly checklists for my kiddos.  Once I finally stumbled upon this method of keeping track of our days, it made a huge difference in our productivity each week.  These checklists can serve as either lesson plans or records of what you actually accomplish during a given school day.  Confused, yet?  Don’t worry…  This step is simple + easy too.

Let’s dive in and let me explain…

You can grab your own copy of the Family Studies or Individual Student checklists here…

Interested in a more personalized option?

I am super excited to offer a personalized weekly checklist for you + your family.  You can find all the details in the video below. 

Order Your Personalized Checklist Here

Part 7 – A Fresh Start

This next part of my planning + prep process is where I roll up my sleeves and get to work.  Find out what I like to get accomplished before our 1st day of school.

Part 8 – Answering Your Questions

I thought it would be fun to wrap up this Plan with Me series with a fun Q + A.  You guys asked some really great questions so let’s dive in and chat for a bit…

I hope this series has been a blessing to you as you prep + plan your upcoming homeschool year.

If you have tips + tricks on what makes your planning easier, please leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you.

Our Little Bookshelf - Used Book + Curriculum Sale

Ok Ladies…  I am cleaning off our shelves this summer and sharing the goodies with you!!  We have been doing this “homeschool thing” for 10+ years now, and it is time for a good purge of our shelves.

I really wish that I could invite each of you over to browse our shelves or perhaps even drop by for a good ‘ole fashioned garage sale but that is not possible so here is the next best thing.

I plan to post 1-2 items daily so be sure to check back and you can even follow over on Instagram + sign up to get notifications so you do not miss the daily deals. 


Shop By Grade

Shop By Subject




Shop Books



And Do Not Miss The Freebies!!

Thanks for dropping by and please share this new page with your friends.  I would love to see these books + homeschool goodies find a new home.